Inlaid Contemporary Cufflinks

Dylan Poblano



He is the 3rd generation of an internationally acclaimed family of artists, famed for reinventing Zuni jewelry design. Dylan follows in his grandfather’s and mother’s footsteps, but with a distinctly personal style.

He is skilled in the traditional Zuni technique of lapidary work – cutting and inlaying stones – but in a totally contemporary way. His work was featured in museum shows before he turned 30, not very long ago.

These extraordinary cufflinks reflect his interest in modern art, fashion, and design. Each one is composed of separate squares of inlaid sterling silver boxes, six in one, and four in the other, that are separate – attached only at one corner.

The abstract, geometric mosaic design includes a variety of natural materials, including turquoise, lapis, red coral, sugilite, chartreuse gaspeite, and even a sliver of Venetian glass.

Some of the inlaid stones are inlaid within other stones, in stripes and triangles; some are set behind, or in front of, others. Each cufflink is created as a vibrant, beautifully composed, three-dimensional art work.

The artistry, skill and creativity don’t end there: the toggles are part of the whole, each one handmade and inlaid, itself.  And again, each one is different, but similar.

These cufflinks are beautifully colorful, intriguingly designed, flawlessly fabricated, and fabulous.

Created by one of the most innovative, award-winning, artists, they will transform your white shirt or blouse into a museum-worthy piece of art.


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