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Inlaid Cardinal Earrings


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The fifth born of nine children, and the only one to carry on his family’s tradition of detailed and beautiful inlay, Quintin Quam has become known for his stunning representations of wildlife. Songbirds are among this talented artist’s favorite designs, which must be why Quintin is so skilled at executing them.

Circles of silver are formed into convex bowl shape, and stamped delicately around the edge.  In the center, bright red coral makes up the body of the Cardinal, jet has been used for the black markings on the songbird’s face and for his legs, and iridescent mother of pearl makes up the beak.

The Cardinal is perched atop a branch, flawlessly inlaid using malachite, a stone that is toxic to cut, and therefore takes the utmost care and skill to use in inlay work. A tiny circle of lapis is the bud of a flower just above the Cardinal’s head.

These lightweight earrings are easy to wear, and will go with nearly any outfit!  They are sure to sing their way into the hearts of all who see them!

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1 3/8" L x 3/4" Diameter


Coral, Lapis, Jet, Malachite, Mother of Pearl, Sterling Silver