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Inlaid Blue Turquoise Pendant


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Monty Claw is a much-awarded artist in fine beadwork, painting – and jewelry, as well!

He has beadwork in nine different museum collections and is featured in Native Peoples, the official magazine for the 2019 Santa Fe Indian Market, with his jewelry.

Monte’s jewelry is predominantly tufa cast silver, with, or without, beautiful stones.

Here, we have a pendant of turquoise pieces inlaid in a patchwork pattern, on smooth, plain silver.

A master of tufa casting demonstrates that talent is talent, whatever the technique., and the result is beautiful.

A variety of blue turquoise stones with light and dark matrix patterns, including spider web, presents a glorious range of watery, sky-blue, and teal hues.

The shape of the silver is modern and organic, with a sharp corner, and a gentle curve on the other side.

A luscious variety of turquoise pieces are flawlessly inlaid, creating a smooth surface, and cut to fit into all edges of the silver base, curved or not.

The generous bail is stamped, making the pendant a little bit modern and a little bit traditional, but entirely gorgeous.

The turquoise used includes Candelaria, Kingman, Lone Mountain, Morenci, and Sleeping Beauty.

This radiant symphony of blues is edged in glistening silver, for a lovely combination of pattern and simplicity.

If you like blue turquoise interesting design, and careful workmanship, this pendant is for you.

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Inlaid Natural Turquoise, Sterling Silver


2 7/8" L x 1 1/4" W