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Inlaid “Blossoming” Sunface Bolo


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A reference to the work of this Zuni couple noted that “the height of Zuni inlay artistry is the Zuni Sunface. It is sought by those who appreciate the skill level necessary to make it.” Here is a beautiful, and beautifully made, inlaid “blossoming” Sunface bolo by these gifted jewelers.

The intricately inlaid Sunface expands into a surrounding circle and fan of inlaid feathers, hence the “blossoming'” term. The whole design is inlaid on a sterling silver base.

Using the traditional materials of coral, mother of pearl and turquoise, they have opted to exchange black onyx for the more usual jet. Every detail is impeccable; precisely cut and cleanly inlaid.

The Sunface itself is inlaid with a wealth of tiny pieces of coral, turquoise and onyx, in a complex pattern on the forehead. This is a handsome contrast to the simpler, but thick, inlay on the feathery elements.

Simple silver tapered tips end in miniature, inlaid Sunfaces, echoing the bolo face itself.

Integrated design, meticulous workmanship and colorful, traditional (almost) materials make an exceptional example of classic Zuni inlay work.


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Mother of Pearl, Natural Red Coral, Onyx, Sterling Silver, Turquoise


Bolo is 1 7/8" L x 1 5/8" W, Cord is 41" L, Tips are 3 1/2" L x 3/4" W