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Inlaid Black Lizard Pin


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Dan Romero was widely acclaimed in recent decades for his personal style of cast silver jewelry as well as intricate inlay work.

Tragically, he is no longer able to work because of poor health, related to toxic fumes from various stones and finishes.

This sprightly lizard is one of his pieces, that eroded out of the woodwork, happily for you.

The body is composed of flawlessly inlaid pieces of highly polished black jet, set into sterling silver.

His pose is amazingly life-like – he looks as if he is ready to skitter off momentarily, head turned and alert; legs splayed, about to push off up the wall, or under a bush.

Notice his delicate little feet (paws? claws?), a delightful touch of detail that contrasts with the sleekness of the jet, and silver framework.

Given his naturalistic pose, there is no need to struggle with pinning him on straight; he will look as if ready to skedaddle, however you place him.

Inlaid with skill, into a fabulously realistic silver base, this handsome lizard is whimsical, but fabricated with serious artistry, and svelte good looks.

He will start fascinated conversations, wherever you go.











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Black Jet, Sterling Silver


2 3/4" L x 1 1/4" W