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Inlaid Antler Parrot


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Master carver Ray Tsalate has created a luxuriously embellished parrot fetish, with his usual skill, artistry and whimsy. Originally, fetishes were not realistic, since they were actually found bits of rock or other material that seemed to resemble the protective animal. This splendid parrot fetish is in the old tradition, with the artist’s own touches added.


It is carved from a solid piece of natural antler, and polished to perfection. The form is streamlined, but recognizable as an parrot, from the shape of the head to the luxuriant tail feathers. The feathers have been etched and burned in. HIs eyes are inlaid golden mother of pearl, with a turquoise “pupil” inlaid in each. An inlaid turquoise heart line extends from his beak, showing his power.


This is a royal parrot, indeed, encrusted with a plethora of gems. A stunning cabochon of natural azurite decorates one wing, with a double row of natural red coral and lapis beyond it. Deep dark lapis adorns his neck on the other side.


Rich in color and fine stones, this parrot is another remarkable antler fetish by this celebrated carver.

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Coral, Lapis, Mother of Pearl, Natural antler, Natural Azurite, Turquoise


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