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Inlaid Ammolite Pendant


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Award-winning Na Na Ping is internationally renowned for his refined inlay work, using only the finest materials, and he has done it again!

Ammolite is a “new” stone that goes back to prehistoric eras. This rare material is a polished, fossilized remnant of ancient sea creatures’ shells.

Predominantly autumnal in tone, the iridescent, scintillating flashes of rich brown, fiery reds and greens flare up whenever a ray of light strikes.

In this superlative pendant, the artist added even more gorgeous iridescence by inlaying brilliantly sparkling Ethiopian opals.

The opal flashes with similar greens and reds, but in a lighter background, creating a beautiful counterpoint to the darker ammolite.

Sterling silver is the discreet background for these magnificent stones.

Opulent in materials, tastefully restrained in design, and superb in workmanship, this exquisite pendant is a true collector’s piece.

Museum-quality in materials and execution, it is an investment in luxurious and wearable beauty, impeccably created by a recognized Master.

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Ethiopian Opal, Natural Ammolite, Sterling Silver


1 5/8" L x 1/2" W