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Ingot Cuff with Morenci Turquoise


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Known for his traditional, old-style jewelry, as learned from his father, Gene, Gabe’s gorgeous stone selection and old fabrication style has been a hallmark of his jewelry.

This cuff spotlights a splendid, natural Morenci turquoise, in the vivid blue that characterizes the best stones from this mine, plus the glittering pyrite (fool’s gold) matrix that is another mark of excellence.

The stone has been placed on a horizontal axis, so it fits within the width of the silver cuff. This creates an elegant harmony of form.

Gorgeous as the stone is, that is just one feature that makes this bracelet special.

The silver was hammered into shape from a solid ingot, or brick, of relatively pure silver rather than shaped from a flat sterling sheet.

This relates back to the earliest styles of silversmithing and is not commonplace, today.

Note that the cuff is gently peaked in the center, rather than flat, although flat and smooth on the inside.

This adds a subtle dimension to the piece and is evidence of first-rate skill, as well as artistic sense.

Handsomely stamped edges glisten softly, adding visual interest to the bracelet with their texture.

Emphasizing the traditional, old-fashioned technique, the silver has been darkened and burnished for an antique look.

This makes the brilliant blue of the turquoise stand out even more.

Sensitive design, outstanding workmanship, and a fabulous stone add up to a seemingly simple, but out-of-the-ordinary bracelet.

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Ingot (coin) silver, Natural Morenci Turquoise

Wrist Size

5" + 1 1/2" Gap | 6 1/2" all around


Stone is 5/8" W x 3/8" L x 1/8" H, 5/8" W cuff