“Infertility” Painting

Elle Claw



The”Elle”dest daughter of the famed Monty Claw, Elle has been painting for most of her life, and has won many awards at the Santa Fe Indian Market, Junior Division.

Now, as an adult with a young family of her own, she is working to establish herself as a full-time artist.

Marvelously talented, Elle can paint in an astounding variety of styles, and is encouraged by her family to explore.

This painting is about an experience many go through while trying to conceive. The silver lining at the end, having a healthy happy baby, is amazing, but doesn’t take away the pain of previous issues that may have made things difficult to bring a child into the world.

This is personal to many people and is difficult to talk about, but the emotions are necessary to express, and we applaud this young woman for not being scared to show this on canvas, letting others know that they have support during those tough times.

With the use of bright, vivid colors, and thought-provoking subject matter, this painting is just a taste of this future master’s gift. Elle is an artist on the rise, and we are happy to be part of her journey and work with another generation of the fabulous Claw family!


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