Incredible Inlaid “Escher” Buckle



Tsos Brown calls himself “The Stone Weaver”, and looking at the astounding inlay design of this buckle, it seems as if he truly wove a tapestry of stones.

Another remarkable artist you’ve probably never heard of, Tsos Allen Brown is nevertheless revered and praised by his many discerning collectors.

Tsos is very taken with the complex designs of the Dutch artist, Escher, and this phenomenal buckle displays the influence of his intricate, fool-the-eye geometrics.

Escher, however, constructed his plays of perspective and depth on paper, with pencil, pen and ink.

Tsos Brown takes three-dimensional stones, cuts them into myriad little pieces, and creates similar effects, with the addition of vibrant color.

Thus, a slightly curved piece of sterling silver seems to be covered with a series of cubes – some planted amid a turquoise diamond shape that floats above and in front of others – but is smooth as silk to the touch.

The forms and colors advance and retreat, it seems, always in splendid hues.

At the lower right, four hexagonal shapes seem to come toward us, harboring a tiny cube in the center of each one.

A vivid orange and russet triangle blazes across the lower left, while a series of different colored squares floats by on the upper left.

All the stones and shells are natural; some are notoriously hard to work , e.g. malachite, and all are prone to breakage.

Some are fairly rare – “Red Dog”, for instance. It is a kind of slate, “cooked” by forces of nature, and a byproduct of coal mining.

The list of materials is long; the brilliant colors that pulsate like illuminated glass testify to the equally brilliant composition the artist has created.

Despite the syncopated rhythm of colors and shapes, there is inherent harmony, thanks to Tsos’ incredible  artistic vision.

The design is a masterwork of mosaic inlay, with complementary and contrasting hues expertly arranged, so the eye follows the balanced placement of colors and shapes.

Tsos is an extraordinary artist, and his work is remarkable, gorgeous, refined, and unique to him.

This magnificent buckle will fit a belt up to 1 3/8″ wide. It can also be displayed like the work of art it is, on a table easel, when not worn.

It is a rare satisfaction to own a functional work of art that is sure to be in a museum, one day.

On your belt, or on your table, mantel, shelf or desk, this piece of contemporary Native art is a sublime example of lapidary art.






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Natural "Red Dog", Natural Clamshell, Natural Dolomite, Natural Gaspeite, Natural Hematite, Natural Ironwood, Natural Lapis, Natural Malachite, Natural Mother of Pearl, Natural Pink Coral, Natural Red Coral, Natural Rhodochrosite, Natural Spiny Oyster Shell, Natural Turquoise, Sterling Silver


3 1/2"W x 2 3/4" H