Incised Olla with Flared Lip


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A gorgeous example of the elegance, simplicity and sophistication of this famous potter’s work, this contemporary olla has a marvelous, voluptuous shape.

The bas-relief carving around the shoulder adds a delicate texture and pattern to the solidity of the form.

Like petroglyph drawings scratched into rocks, or the linear drawings of ledger art, the incised symbols cover a variety of stylized symbols: buffalo, sun and moon, eagle, etc.

The band accentuates the very feminine curves of the pot itself.

Pristine in form, finish and design, this stunning piece could be Asian or even ancient Greek.

But, it is rooted in Native culture, as expressed by a very talented, creative artist.

Her work has won a long list of major awards at prestigious shows, including Santa Fe Indian Market and the Heard Museum Market. She has also been voted Indian Artist of the Year.



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8" diameter x 5 3/8" H