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Incised Black “Little Critters” Seed Pot


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An accomplished potter, one of the famous Naranjo family, she is known for finely formed, intricately incised work.

This little seed pot is covered with a variety of textures, both etched and  painted. Caroline loves all creatures great and small, and here has created a tapestry of creeping, crawling, and flying insects.

The design is dense, with areas of satiny black polish and stippled grey background. Faint brown lines and areas add a subtle warmth.

Bugs are important to the balance of nature. Here, they are all decorative and march around the pot, with the solid, stone-polished black area at the bottom.

A circle of wavy organic shapes dances around the shoulder, ending up in a matte black neck and wavy rim.

Fine artistry, flawless workmanship, and a delightful, plump shape, make this an appealing example of this noted artist’s work. And the price is appealing, too!

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Natural Clay


2 1/2" H X 2 3/8" Diameter