Avant-Garde Silver Cuff


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An amazing work of art by one of the most creative and innovative of all Native artists. He has already been honored by inclusion in a national museum exhibit, originating in New York, when barely 30!

Many awards at Indian art shows across the country have followed, in the ten years since. Genes count: his mother, Veronica Poblano, and his sister Jovanna Poblano, as well as late grandfather, Leo Poblano, are all equally recognized.

As spectacular as this bracelet is, it really is very comfortable and wearable; all those silver wires make for a large, but airy, piece.

It is sensational with dressy clothes, and a knock-out with a turtleneck. This could be the only jewelry statement you need.

It states that you are chic, fearlessly forward-looking, appreciate art and art that is worn, are confident enough to make your own rules, and enjoy a little limelight.

This wild and wonderful bracelet is meant to party, and goes from Levi’s to long dresses with the same panache.

This chic, creative, sculptural, avant-garde cuff will surely grace a museum in the future, but will enjoy years of admiration and attention before that – and so will you.

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Sterling Silver

Cuff Size

5 3/4"

Gap Size

1 1/4"

Wrist Size



4-5" W