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Hunting Symbol Bolo


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The artist has a reputation for exceptional overlay silver work and traditional symbolism. In this latest piece, the theme is abundance, health and happiness, resulting from successful hunting. The bolo is formed in the abstract shape of a hunter, with a beautiful, natural turquoise for the face, and 14-karat gold necklaces. Long arrows or spears are “held” on both sides of the figure. The hand of blessing and protection adorns one shoulder, with a brilliant gold center. His robe seems to be parted, to reveal an array of prey animals, and a few for good luck. All creatures great and small – some to eat, some to protect, and all to bring good luck – are shown In the gifted hands of this unassuming, but marvelous jeweler. Gold suns, moons, and star signs suggest that the message of happy, healthy abundance will continue night and day.A pheasant-like bird, mountain ram, deer, and fish provide delicious sustenance; the bear provides protection and hunting savvy. The turtle represents plentiful water – and longevity, too. Water symbols also include the fish, and the vertical water serpent wriggling up at the right. Water is essential to human well-being, and so very good luck.The darkened silver background points up the luster of the polished elements, continued in the cylindrical tips and keepers of gleaming sterling silver. Joe’s expertise with overlay technique creates a graceful, elegant, and fascinating bolo with a message as welcome as the look is handsome, and the workmanship is exacting. This is a keeper for generations to come.

Sterling Silver, Natural Turquoise, 14k Gold

Cord Length: 46″ Width: 1 3/4″ Height: 3″