Hump Back Yei

Darrel Ben


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Brother of internationally collected contemporary sand painter Joe Ben Jr., Darrel prefers to execute finely detailed traditional motifs. Son of a medicine man, he knows the authentic designs, but always alters some details so as to prevent wasting the power.This handsome figure is a detail, rather than a full sand painting. It shows a hump-backed Yei, or spirit, who represents a planter of seeds and guardian of a bountiful harvest i.e., very good luck. The colors are all mixed by hand, from hand-crushed stones: turquoise, terra cotta, ochre, jet and gypsum (the white). These are the five traditional colors and materials.This sand painting as all authentic ones, has been created by meticulously trickling the powdered colors through the (large) hand of the artist, in the traditional way – even the tiny dots and dashes. The quality of a sand painting is judged by how straight the lines are, and how precise is the design – as a whole, and within each element. Darrel and his family are among the most highly respected sand painters. This piece is professionally custom matted and framed, ready for hanging.To dust, just blow air gently over the piece. Do not rub!

Hand Ground Jet, Turquoise, Ochre, Terra Cotta, Gypsum; Custom Matting, Wood Frame

Unframed: 6″ W x 12″ H Width: 14″ Height: 20″ Depth: 1 1/4″