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Hummingbird with Flower Pin/Pendant


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Hummingbirds help to pollinate plants and crops, so are symbols of abundance and hope for a good harvest. And, of course, they are utterly delightful creatures. This utterly delightful pin depicts a smiling hummer about to pluck sweet nectar from a shimmering, yellow mother of pearl rose. Beautifully detailed, the inlaid stones are textured and carved. Aside from the traditional white mother of pearl, red coral, turquoise and jet, the jeweler has used malachite’s rich green hue for additional color. Marvelous detail – look at the petals of the flower, for instance, they seem to be three-dimensional. Small in size, small in price, but exuberantly large in beautiful impact.

Sterling Silver, Natural Turquoise, Mother of Pearl, Natural Coral, Malachite, Jet

Width: 2 3/8″ Height: 1 1/4″ Depth: 1/4″