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Hummingbird Seed Pot


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Known, and collected world-wide, for her delightful figures of children and beasties, this famous potter can do serious, traditional work too.

This breathtaking seed pot is a perfect example.

The design is an interpretation of the hummingbird and rose motif, beloved by all Pueblos. It is a particularly beautiful symbol of fertility and abundance.

Hummingbirds and butterflies help to pollinate plants, including edible ones that lead to harvests and lots to eat.

This stunning version is full of motion and color, as well as tradition.

Graphic white lines on black depict stepped rain symbols and fine line rainfall signs; four floral designs mark the four geographic directions, and in the center, a graceful hummingbird hovers over a flower, sucking its nectar.

The base clay is the naturally pure white clay of Acoma/Laguna/Zuni.

The white lines are actually the background showing through a surface painted with black made from wild-spinach plants.

Reverse painting, if you will, and very exacting work.

The curvaceous hummer is decorated with red clay slips and green and black natural pigments.

The pale orange and pink are also natural; derived from the red clay slip and other infusions.

The design is amazing – awhirl with diagonal strokes that convey the constant movement of the hummingbird, yet symmetrical and orderly.

Stippling the background around the center bird and flower really sets off the other elements, and creates a visual magnet.

World-class pottery from a world-class artist.


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Vegetal Paint, Natural Handmade Clay and Clay Slips


5" diameter x 2 5/8" h