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Hummingbird Mother and Baby Pin/Pendant


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Zuni Pueblo is known for its meticulous lapidary work; they have been famous for fine stone-cutting and inlay for decades. Quintin Quam, of the famous family of fetish carvers, is a contemporary master. His intricately inlaid birds and flora are amazingly detailed and thoroughly beautiful. Just look at this enchanting scene of a mama hummingbird and her young one.Beloved by everyone who is honored by their vibrant, darting presence at a bird feeder, hummingbirds are also revered by Natives for helping to propagate plants. These sprightly little hummers are impeccably inlaid in a variety of natural stones as bright and beautiful as the birds themselves – look at how the outspread mother of pearl wings are barely edged in ruffles of malachite.Poised in flight, Mama is sipping from a lovely, yellow mother of pearl blossom. Baby sits placidly on a branch, waiting his turn. The shimmer and iridescence of abalone shell and mother of pearl add to the effect of movement and fluttering flight. These luminous shells glimmer and glisten , different in different light. Turquoise, coral and jet are traditional in Zuni jewelry, and are beautifully employed here, as well as lapis and rich green malachite, in the stems and leaves. Convex, brilliantly polished silver reflects light, and amps up the sparkle power. Delicate hand stamping circles around the domes, serving as a frame. A charming scene, exquisitely rendered, makes this pretty pendant/pin especially delightful – as well as versatile. Bird-lovers, mothers, jewelry lovers….everyone will love it.

Sterling Silver, Natural Turquoise, Coral, Jet, Mother of Pearl, Lapis, Clam Shell, Abalone Shell, and Malachite

Depth: 1/2″ Diameter: 2″