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Hummingbird Dish and Stand


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This delightful dish will bring Summertime to your home, all year long.

Exceptionally well-painted hummingbirds flit and hover near a wild rose, on this enchanting piece.

The lightly incised and burnished background is dotted in tiny red circles, which adds to the air of gaiety and movement.

A border of creamy zig-zags on black makes a frame that contains the beautiful birds within the center.

The hummingbirds are each incised and painted in a beautifully composed multi-colored palette.

This dish comes with its own matching pottery stand, to display upright, or keep it flat.

It was made from hand-gathered local clay, mixed, coiled, smoothed, incised and burnished by hand. The pigments are both natural and commercial.

The gorgeous colors and careful execution make this a stand-out example of the high-quality pottery from the northern Mexico area of Casas Grande and Mata Ortiz.

The potters are descendants of Pueblo people who fled south, after the Spanish reconquest, in the late 1600s.

Their ancestral work was discovered in the 1970s, and pottery is now a major occupation of the Paquime people.

As seen in this charming and meticulously fashioned piece, the quality of current pottery from this region is now on a par with the best, north of the border.

Full of graceful motion, and beautiful colors and forms, this is the equal of every Pueblo – except in price.

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Commercial Paint, Hand Processed Local Clay, Natural Pigments


6 1/2" Diameter x 1 1/2" H | Stand is 3 1/2" Diameter x 2 3/4" H