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Hummingbird Cuff


Silver cuff overlaid in crisply detailed design. Two hummingbirds face each other in the center both feeding from a flower, with tall grasses below. Sides of the cuff are a variety of rain and water signs.

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A lovely silver overlay bracelet, with a beautiful design. The artist worked with, and learned from, the great Chalmers Day, whose overlay technique is celebrated. Tim’s work is in the same, impeccable tradition.

In the center, two graceful hummingbirds face each other, on sipping from a tulip-like flower, the other waiting his or her turn. There are long grasses, below, seeming to wave in the breeze. On either end of the bracelet, various traditional rain and water signs add to the embroidery effect of the crisp, delicate overlay patterns. The polished silver glitters, in sharp contrast to the matte, blackened silver base.

A charmingly graceful design that implies great good luck: water, and the help of hummingbirds to propagate plants, results in abundant plant life and lots to eat.Good health, happiness and prosperity result. And you will carry all these good things with you, in this exquisitely wrought bracelet.

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Sterling Silver

Cuff Size

5 1/4"

Gap Size


Wrist Size

6 1/4"


1" wide