Hummingbird and Wild Rose Ring


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When you see “Statement Ring”, it usually means something large and bold. Not this one!

Incredibly dainty, and small in scale, this ring is nevertheless a blockbuster – not because of its size, but because of its creativity, beautiful design, and workmanship.

Hummingbirds are welcomed by Native tribes because they help to propagate plants and crops, as well as for their delightful beauty and grace.

Here, we see a minuscule silver hummer, wings spread for balance, tail up, dipping its long beak into the heart of a wild rose, which is centered with a heavenly blue aquamarine.

The bird is appropriately tiny; the petals of the rose, and the little roses snuggled beneath it, are each beautifully shaped and incised.

The ingenious skill of the jeweler (who has made his name as a painter!) continues, as the slender stems of the flowers transform into the shank of the ring.

Each element of this uncommon and enchanting ring is meticulously fashioned.

The sparkling, pale blue aquamarine is as delicate as the silverwork and the overall design. It seems like a drop of water, reflecting the sky above.

Water is the most precious resource in the high desert, so the whole design of this ravishing ring is not only exceptionally beautiful, it sends a message of good luck.

And your good luck is that the artist is young, at the dawn of his multi-talented career, so the price is as modest, as the ting is gorgeous.

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