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Hummingbird and Rose Eco-Sculpture


An “eco-sculpture” by this multiple award-winning, Lakota artist. Recycled materials transform a Pueblo tradition into an ecological reminder of the earth’s beauty. Hummingbirds and dragonflies help to pollinate plants resulting in healthy crops and happy, healthy and prosperous people. Artistically manipulated pieces of soda cans and a jar lid, plus paint, become graceful and magical. 11″ high x 6″ wide x 4 1/2″ deep. $450. Entirely hand fabricated.

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This petite woman has amassed a heavy load of prizes, including winning four blue ribbons, in four different categories, at Santa Fe Indian Market! A sculptor famed for her exquisitely tender stone pieces of children, elders, and animals, she has lately carried her commitment and concern for the ecology of our planet into her sculptures.

This beautiful piece, featuring a hummingbird about to drink the nectar of a wild rose, is inspired by a traditional Pueblo motif. The subject refers to the inter-connectedness of nature and man: hummingbirds feed themselves, and also help to pollinate other plants, by extension, edible crops that keep humans happy, healthy and thriving. FOr good measure, she has added a little dragonfly, which symbolizes water, the source of life.

So much for the message; the execution is simply beautiful, as well. Using pieces of soda cans and other “trash”, the artist has recycled and transformed them into this colorful, graceful, even magical, sculpture. The grace of the bird, and the beauty of the rose,  are captured by this artist’s sensitive and talented hands.

Light as a hummingbird, or a rose, and graceful as a dragonfly, this sculpture brings eternal springtime to your home, and reminds us to treasure our world, and all its beauty.


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Recycled aluminum I Jar Lid I Paint




6" wide x 4 1/2" deep