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Hummingbird and Rose Antler Carving


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What do you get when you combine carving skill, artistry and tradition? A superb antler carving by Esteban Najera!

Out of one solid piece of naturally shed antler, the artist has carved an incredibly detailed and delicate version of the iconic hummingbird and rose theme, dear to all the Pueblos.

Hummingbirds are honored for their help in pollinating plants and crops, as well as admired for their beauty.

This carving is a tour de force of technique and artistic vision.

The solid piece of antler has been carved out with wonderful detail: Look at the rose and its leaves, the feathers, the head and beak.

For bird lovers, hummer collectors, fetish aficionados, and everyone who appreciates talent, skill, and tradition, this is a winner.

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Natural antler


4 1/4" H x 7/8" W x 3/4" Deep