Hummingbird and Flower Pot


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An acknowledged master of miniature pottery, he is a perennial award-winner. No other potter that we know arrives at prestigious art shows with his entire inventory in a cigar box!

This amazing piece was created, like most of his work, from photos of historic and prehistoric pots in reference books.

Astonishingly, the hummingbird and the rose are both teeny sculptures, three-dimensional figures that stand out from the cylindrical form of the jar.

The tiny hummingbird on the top is the lid is leaning down, seemingly feeding off the flower that rises from the side of the vessel.

Like the blossom, the stem and leaves of the rose are raised from the surface of the pot.

Delicate flowers have been painted around the entire body of the piece. It is signed on the bottom.


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Natural Handmade Clay and Clay Slips


1" H x 1/2" diameter