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Hummingbird and Flower Plate


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She is renowned for her charming figures of children and little creatures at play; this prize-winning potter can also create “serious” pieces, like this one.

Beautifully made and painted, this is an enchanting, highly decorative plate that combines traditional elements in her own arrangement.

Hummingbirds help to pollinate crops and plants, and picturing one together with a flower is a beloved traditional image.

Against the snowy white clay that is native to the Acoma/Laguna area, this consummate artist has painted a graceful hummingbird, sipping from perky flowers.

A stylized rainbow arcs overhead, with stepped rain signs, fine lines that depict rainfall, and other traditional symbols.

Even the hummingbird has rain and plant symbols within his elegant form.

The colors are saturated, but mellow and earthy; all are naturally derived pigments, even the green.

Black details accentuate the crispness of the painting, and the masterful composition of curves and pointed forms.

A lovely interpretation of this charming image, by a widely collected, award-winning artist.

This is a piece to cherish.

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4" Diameter


Natural Handmade Clay and Natural Pigments