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A spring garden that will never wither, this rotund olla is covered from top to, and around, the bottom with hummingbirds, butterflies, flowers, and leaves. in a subdued palette of earthy, natural clay slips, some butterflies are etched, some are beautifully colored, and the same for the hummingbirds. The potter lives in northern Mexico, where her ancestors moved when fleeing the reconquering Spaniards in the late 1600’s. Since the economy is different there, this impressive pot is almost unbelievably affordable.

The artist has combined clays in various colors, some left solid, some mottled with clay slips. The two main panels, on either side of the olla, have had the backgrounds scratched out to the base clay of dark beige. That left the beautiful green hummingbird and red flowers , on one side, to stand out a bit, from the background, and gleam with a stone polish. The other side features a lovely, multicolored butterfly hovering between two flowers, each seen partially.

All around these two areas, delicately etched butterflies flit across a mottled maroon band, while a broad band of etched hummingbirds hover around equally etched flowers and foliage, including all around the base of the pot. The background here is red, dappled with black pigment. Next to it, a narrow band of red clay is etched into rectangles with parallel lines, meaning rain.

The symbols are very similar to Pueblo pottery and lore, because the Paquimé people are descendants of the Pueblos. This is a beautifully intricate and well-designed pot. It will be source of delight, pride and admiration for the lucky owner.





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Natural Clay and Clay Slips


5 3/8" high x 6" diameter