Huge Kingman Turquoise Ring


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This is a statement ring!

Harking back to the past, when a Navajo family’s jewelry was their bank account and status symbol, the ring features truly wonderful silver work.

However, the silver serves as merely the background for an immense nugget of natural Kingman turquoise – a staggering specimen that is Kingman at its best.

“Nugget” is almost too weak – this is a rock!  One-and-a-quarter inches in length, and three-quarters -inch in width, the stone is also a full one-quarter-inch high.

Radiantly, gorgeous blue, like all traditional Kingman turquoise, it is nubbly and knobby, with dark matrix in the fissures.

The artist has kept it pretty much as found, with minimal shaping, so the silverwork follows the form of the stone.

The magnificent stone seems to be nestled in frozen lace.

The surround is beautifully traditional, with a rope-like border around the stone, and an outside edge that is cut-out into scallops, with tiny silver balls in between.

Each scalloped form is deeply stamped, and the edge surrounding the rope border is also subtly scalloped.

Even the shank is deeply, precisely, and intricately hand stamped.

With a sensational turquoise and an intricate silver surround, the ring is a modern interpretation of traditional Navajo jewelry.

Although so much more refined, than in the old days, it is still a show stopper.

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