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Howling Wolves Pair


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Max and his late brother, Pernell, were the first carvers in their extended family, noted for making their own tools. Nephews Derrick Kaamasee, and Esteban and Ruben Najera are also notable carvers. They are all celebrated award-winners.

The Zuni assign a specific guardian and protective animal to each of the geographic directions, the sky, and the underground. The white wolf is the Guardian of the East.

Wolves are esteemed for their hunting ability, their intelligence and power. They also are honored for their “family values”; wolves are faithful to their individual mates and families, as well as to the pack.

This wonderful fetish carving honors all the qualities of the white wolf, showing a pair – probably meant to be a couple – howling fiercely, with open mouths. It is carved entirely from one piece of naturally shed antler. The detail is amazing, especially in such a small piece.

The bushy tails, furry pelts, wolfish heads and hollowed out, howling mouths are all clearly distinct. So, too, are the crouching poses, and the ears.

One wolf has its ears back; the other’s ears are standing up. Inlaid turquoise eyes reinforce the mythical power of the fetish.

The base is elliptical, with a hole cut into the center. The two wolves form a near circle, above the circular base, creating total harmony in the design.

With natural variations in the antler, and the animated stances of the wolves, there is a lot of visual action in this marvelous carving.

Protect your household, and delight your soul, with this exceptional fetish.

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Natural antler


101/2" high x 1 3/4" wide x 1 5/8" deep