Horse Wall Plaque

Kathy (Elk Woman) Whitman


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An artist of many talents, she has won prestigious prizes for sculpture, painting, clothing and jewelry – once,  all blue ribbons for all four categories at the same Santa Fe Indian Market!

A gifted painter, jeweler, and clothing designer, she has not abandoned her reputation as a sculptor, as you can see in this beautiful wall plaque.

As a Sioux, from North Dakota, an appreciation of horses is practically inbred, in this animal lover.

Here, she has carved a horse’s head, from one slab of soapstone, with remarkable naturalism, emotion, familiarity, and expertise.

The horse’s mane blows gracefully around the neck, in the ever-present wind of the Great Plains; some is even blown around the other side  of the head.

Lovingly detailed, the delicate features of the horse’s head and muzzle demonstrate her proficiency with sculpting.

Ear, eye, nostril, jaw – even the teeth in the slightly open mouth – are delicately and accurately carved.

The neck displays the same subtle musculature as the cheek of the horse.

Etched into the neck is an open hand. This is Plains symbol for “counting coup”.

If a warrior touched his enemy  with a weapon, hand or coup stick, his prestige was considerably augmented, especially if he escaped unharmed.

Carved with wonderful sensitivity, as well as realism, this plaque will be a striking addition to your wall.

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