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“Horse Guardian” Soft Sculpture


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A solution for the “I’m-a-horse-lover-but-I-have-no-room-for-one” dilemma: This handsome, colorful soft sculpture, asks only for a wall to bring a couple of horses to your household!

Beautifully painted canvas forms the well-filled body of this protective spirit and his horses, with buckskin, beads, twisted leather, and natural feathers to complete his festive look.

Navajo have historically been horsemen, and this evocation of a guardian spirit, to watch over one’s stable, is both traditional and very innovative.

Good luck and protective symbols abound: The hands of blessing and protection, angular horseshoes, wavy and pointed lines referring to flowing water, dots of beads and paint symbolizing raindrops (and the features of the spirit’s face), and the cross forms that represent the four corners of the world, where these blessings, and the protection of horses, are meant to extend.

The natural feathers stand in for eagle feathers, which carry the power of protection, and the blessings, up to the heavens. Zig-zag borders, on either side of the body, represent the mountains that form the spiritual boundaries of Navajo land.

A decorative palette, with a pleasing balance between bold and more neutral colors, symbolizes night- the grey area at the bottom – day, earth – the reddish brown – and sky and water – the vibrant blues in the center. Accents of orange and gold represent the sun, so all is in balance.

The painting is precise and knowledgeable, with fine details that are traditional but presented in a modern way.

An original concept, created with imagination and multi-media skills, by an established artist.

This striking wall piece will be a real conversation-starter as it decorates your wall, and lets you fit two horses into the smallest apartment, too!

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Acrylic Paint, Beads, Buckskin, Canvas, Handmade Leather, Natural Feathers


21 1/4" H x 16" W