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Horse with 3 Children


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Clifford is one of the prolific and gifted Fragua family, noted for their storytellers.

He has made a piece that recalls one of the joyous memories of a Native childhood – riding bareback with siblings, friends, and cousins.

Completely hand made, from gathering the clay, mixing, forming and painting, to firing, this piece is full of action and fun.

Two boys and a little girl are hanging on to each other and to the neck of an amiable pinto pony.

Their delighted smiles bring smiles to our faces, too.

From the girl’s pleated skirt and hairstyle, it appears that these happy kids are Navajo.

The horse’s head is turned, as if he is smiling at the children’s happy squeals.

This gives the piece a dynamic grace.

A totally delightful group that embodies childhood’s simple pleasures.


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Vegetal Paint, Natural Handmade Clay and Clay Slips, Paint


8 1/4" L x 6 7/8" H