Horse at Rest


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This carver was mentored by her ex-husband, Lance Cheama (starting right at the top!), and readily adopted his style of very detailed, realistic animals.

Now, she is especially known for her horse fetishes, as seen here.

This charming little horse is carved in the old style, with minimal detail, but realistic, nonetheless.

The material is natural alabaster, snow white on one side, shading into a soft peach, on the other.

Turquoise eyes add a spark of southwest color to his fairy-tale looks.

He is sitting on his haunches, calm and friendly, with ears, muzzle, mane, tail, and folded legs carefully detailed.

If you – or your daughter – own a horse, this little beauty will protect it from harm. That’s what fetishes do.

If you – or anyone you know –  love horses but have no room for a real one, this lovely fetish will fit in anywhere, and delight you all every day.

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Natural Alabaster, Sleeping Beauty Turquoise


2 1/8 ' L x 1 5/8" H x 5/8" Deep