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Horned Toad Pin with Sugilite


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Lee is a fine silversmith who is well-respected by his peers and those who enjoy his work – including the judges who hand out prizes – but keeps a low profile. He especially loves to portray the animals associated with life on the Navajo land, as this marvelous horned toad demonstrates.

Horned toads are particularly close to Navajo hearts, since it is supposed to be the only animal that escaped unscathed from the fiery storms of creation. If a Navajo manages to capture a horned toad, he holds him close to the hear, while reciting a prayer. Horned toads are supposed to convey strong protection and good luck, to whomever does this.

This silver fellow is precisely formed, with overlapping stamping to replicate his scales. Thus, the head, tail and legs are creatively realistic. His body is studded with royal purple sugilite domes, attractively arranged in a traditional rosette. The smooth luster of the sugilite stones is a handsome foil to the all-over texture of the silver.

Adorning a lapel, hat, belt, or whatever, this is not only a striking piece of jewelry, but a real conversation piece.

Sterling Silver, Sugilite

Width: 2″ Height: 1 1/8″