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Horned Toad Jar


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One of the many Manygoats of Navajo pottery fame, Rita is the daughter of the famous potter, Betty Manygoats.

In fact, she is said to be the best potter among Betty’s daughters.

Rita hand coils her pottery with hand-gathered clay and fires the pieces, traditionally.

She also coats the pieces with melted pinon pitch, which results in the characteristic “fire clouds” or dark areas.

Following her mother’s innovation, she often decorates the pots with raised, sculpted horned toads, as here.

For the Dine (Navajo) people, horned toads bring protection, so they are good luck.

If you can catch one, you sprinkle it with cornmeal and say a prayer.

This shapely jar is beautifully formed and finished, with a very well-detailed horned toa.

With this pot comes Navajo tradition, a handsome piece of pottery, a real bargain, and good luck, too.

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Hand Processed Local Clay, Pinon Pitch


4 1/2" H x 3 5/8" Diameter