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Winner of many awards for his overlay jewelry, Ramon’s designs come from his culture: clouds, thunderbolts and rain, crucial in an area with no irrigation for crops, and other Hopi symbols.

Born Ramon Albert Jr., his Hopi grandmother gave him the name Dalangyawma, to replace his non-Native birth surname.

This splendid pendant is three layers thick, with a brilliantly gleaming polished layer overlaid on a darkened base of silver, and that smaller, double layer set on the larger, rectangle of textured and darkened silver.

Featuring water signs, the design is an artful combination of straight lines and sharp angles, which conform to the rectangular shape of the pendant, and spiraling curves, for esthetic and dramatic contrast.

The spirals symbolize rivers; the stepped motifs refer to rain, and the two semi-curved forms in the center look like wind and storm symbols.

Stepped arrowheads point toward the river spirals, indicating the direction of the blessings of abundant water.

The mirror images, on either side of center, indicate these blessings are hoped for, day and night.

Executed with exceptional precision, and beautiful contrast between textures, the designs gleam like a mirror, against the dark and textured base.

The horizontal shape is also a very creative touch; much more interesting than the usual vertical form of a pendant, it forces the eye to really see the design.

Crisp overlaying, expert texturing, imaginative design, and close attention to detail, all work to make this pendant unusually striking.

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Sterling Silver


2" W x 1 7/8" H including bail