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Horizontal Blessings Pendant


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Arland’s work is renowned for beautiful wearability, as well as superb workmanship and intriguing designs that blend the ancient and the chic.

This striking pendant combines curves and triangles, gold petroglyph figures and a darkened silver background, in handsome juxtaposition.

Instead of using the tapered oval vertically, this fine artist turned it on the horizontal. Much more eye-catching.

A full panoply of good luck symbols float on the textured, dark background, separated by a triangular version of the water spiral.

The polished gold figures include hands of blessing and protection, a round water spiral, the sacred Navajo mountains, and a crescent moon and stars.

A mountain goat, or other meat animal, and a human couple complete the array.

The gold figures glisten, and so do the polished silver edges, triangular element, and bail.

Graceful and meaningful, this pendant in an unexpected shape will elicit many a compliment!

Wear it every day, if you like – it will go with everything from sweats and tees, to the theater.

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14k Gold, Sterling Silver


1 5/8" L x 2" W