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Small in size, but bursting with vibrant color and energy, this painting is typical of the artist’s assured style. He has a master’s degree in fine arts, many awards, was awarded a prestigious fellowship granted by SWAIA (the organizing group of Santa Fe Indian Market), and has been called an “Artist to Watch” by a national magazine. He is skilled in all styles of painting, and likes to combine symbolism, realism, and tradition in contemporary works, as here. In this powerful little painting, he has evoked a limitless sky and distant horizon. The silhouetted, craggy desert landscape is typical of the Navajo land. That gorgeously fiery sunset is also typical. At bottom left, he shows a dancing Yei figure, reminiscent of rock art also shown against a brilliant orange square, symbolizing the red rocks of the area.In between, the midnight shadow of the suggested landscape is swirling with energy. reflecting that of the underground. Watery colors and shapes complement, and contrast – literally and symbolically – with the flaming russets that refer to the land, and the sun.The surface is serene, the sense of distant horizons is beautifully achieved. The unseen forces of the underworld are shown, swirling and roiling beneath the tranquil surface.A vibrantly hued painting that contains a great deal within its small frame. This will happily ignite a tabletop, mantel, or wall.

Acrylic on Canvas

Width: 8″ Height: 10″