Holy Grail Coiled Basket with Spider


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A unique and heartfelt representation of the Holy Grail, Hopi style! The weaver has written an explanation (included with the piece).

“This shape…basket that I made represents the Holy Graille (sic). Jesus went to pray early in the morning, and He also wants us to pray before we sleep. The clouds on the sides are that we pray for rain. And if we pray hard enough we will receive our fountain of life. The spider in the middle is representing the Spider Grandmother who is still spinning her web around the earth.”

The basket is woven of laboriously stripped and coiled, natural yucca leaves. The red, yellow and white are dyed; the black fiber is natural, devil’s claw. Smaller scale rain designs decorate the base of the “chalice”.

Handsome, and beautifully woven and designed though it is, this is a very special basket that comes with a message beyond the merely esthetic.


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