Hollow Cut Out Earrings


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Along with the impeccable technique learned from her famed father, Norbert Peshlakai, Natasha brings her own feminine sensibility to designs, as in these captivating earrings.


Not for shrinking violets, but not over the top, either, these cut-out rounds are light on the ear and full of verve. More than just flattering and flirty, they are wondrously executed: basically large beads, the two-sided convex rounds are cut out on each side, so they always look good when swinging with each toss of your head. The rows of cut-out designs are graduated in size, from small at the top, to largest at the bottom


A medley of circles, the repeated rounds create a restrained, but bubbly pattern. With a modernist flair to the design, but old-fashioned perfection of workmanship, these earrings are a perfect blend for happy wearability – and lots of compliments.


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Sterling Silver