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Hogan Scene Belt Buckle


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This well-known jeweler originally made his mark with chip-inlay work. However, he says he tries “hard to make different styles and designs…Every piece is made with the meanings from my traditional ways.”

This buckle is a fine example of keeping tradition in a new way.

Overlaid and appliqued silver is used to “paint” a nostalgic portrait of old-fashioned Navajo life.

Beneath billowing clouds, a traditional log hogan sits, smoke from its chimney scudding away in the wind.

Nearby, is a tree-stump and a twig ramada ( shade structure).

A full-leafed tree stands on the other side, with yucca, or other desert plants, on the uneven, rocky ground.

The detail on these elements are carefully made, all by hand, of course, and stand out against the darkened and textured background.

Look at the way the leaves on the tree and the billows within the puffy clouds are indicated, for example.

The canted frame is stamped and chiseled, to coordinate with the main design.

A classic, story-teller type of design, by a noted artist, that is meticulously fabricated.

It will enhance your casual jeans and all other trousers.


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Sterling Silver


3 1/4" W x 2" H