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Hogan in “Early Winter”


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Winter out on the Navajo land can be a cold, blustery and lonely time. This watercolor beautifully conjures up the feeling.

The artist is accomplished in many different styles, from realistic, as here, to abstract, and in many different mediums.

He studied art at university and his versatile talent has pleased collectors and judges alike.

Alone against a darkening sky, the hogan is a snug beacon against the wintry chill.

A little plume of smoke rises from the center chimney, with a thick rug hanging in the door, to keep out the cold. Another rug hangs on the clothesline, swaying in the wind.

With complete mastery of the difficult watercolor medium, the artist has conveyed the chill of the elements, but also the warmth of home.

The palette beautifully refers to this duality: blues and cool colors for the sky, snow, and trees; warm gold and tans for the hogan and rugs.

Framed and matted with acid-free materials, this evocative winter scene will cool you in summer and warm you in winter, for many years.

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15" high x 12" wide, framed, Painting alone is9 1/4" high x 7 12" wide