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“Hipster” Raccoon Carving


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A masterpiece of cool; a raccoon with hipster hat and attitude. This award-winning artist creates another memorable carving with his accustomed whimsical humor, skill and artistry.

Smoothly burnished and banded antler forms the body of this stocky fellow. His stance and expression say “Dude, you talkin’ to me?”.

The solidity of the blocky antler sets off the luminous mother-of-pearl of the hat, with its artfully creased top. (Love that tummy!)

The skill, both manual and artistic, of this piece is in the placement of the hat over the brow of the uplifted face and in the stance of the raccoon, which is so evocative.

All that, and the carving and polishing itself., are naturally, flawless. Coming from the hands of this acknowledged master carver, you know it will be a splendid piece.

Let this cool raccoon express your inner hipster, and superior artistic taste, with its wit and artistry.


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Mother of Pearl, Natural antler, Onyx, Turquoise


1 1/4" wide, 1 3/8" deep, 2 " high