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Highly Decorated Hopi Vase


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This is a gorgeous example of the highly acclaimed work of Veronica Navasie. She was taught pottery by her mother, Laura Preston, and collaborated for decades with her late husband, Maynard Navasie, son of Joy Navasie, Frog Woman. Since she was widowed, Veronica has not only formed the pots, as before, but taken on her husband's task of decorating them. As is obvious, she excels at both.This vase is impeccably formed, with a base clay of creamy white; a well-known characteristic of this branch of the Navasie family. The decoration, in both red clay slip and wild spinach black paint, is intricate, covering the entire surface. Created with the same precision and excellence as the pot itself, the designs refer to water in various ways: spirals, cross-hatched parts that mean rain, lightning, clouds, etc. The complex patterns are calmed by the generous areas of white, and the judicious placement of the red and black pigments.In the past, she and her husband would sign their initials and the family frog symbol; now, there are only Veronica's initials and the frog. As befits her reputation, and that of her illustrious family, this piece is perfection, in every way.

Natural Clay, Natural Pigments

Height: 3 3/8″ Diameter: 3 1/4″