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High Fashion Pottery Boot


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The art of bringing tradition into the present, at its best!

Mary Janice is a member of the illustrious Ortiz family of Cochiti, top, award-winning potters, famous for their figures – a Cochiti tradition now in its 3rd century.

She uses local clay, handmade and hand formed, pit fired and colored with wild spinach, for the black.

Her superstar brother, Virgil Ortiz, has branched out into fashion (aided by Donna Karan) as well as pottery. Maybe that is the inspiration behind this remarkable pottery boot?

The execution is century-old traditional, from gathering, mixing, coiling, smoothing, and painting the clay with natural plant paint and clay slip – the cream color – to the decorative design.

The inspiration and form is totally today – look at the sole color, red, just like a trendy French Christian Louboutin creation!

Flawless in workmanship, and both handsome and amusing in expression, this elegantly proportioned footwear might be a modern-day Cinderella’s slipper – Native style!

It is certainly a marvelous piece that fits right in with the historic Cochiti Pueblo tradition of pottery commentary on current culture.

That makes it a true collector’s piece, and a prize for any collection, as well as a supremely attractive conversation piece.

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Hand-Processed, Local Clay, Natural Pigments




7 1/2"


3 1/4"