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High-Domed Montana Agate Ring


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WIth a combination of meticulous craftsmanship, beautiful design and remarkable stones, Myron’s work is recognizably extraordinary; an opinion shared by his legions of collectors, and the many judges who have awarded him prizes.This circle-in-a-square design supports that voluptuous dome of Montana agate, and is just about as unusual as the stone. This is a “”picture” stone: it looks as if there is a field of cacti in the foreground, with far away cliffs or clouds. Or, a crowd of people with a concert stage in the back? Or…. The owner can decide.The opulent curve of the smooth, high stone contrasts elegantly with the square of silver that supports it. Four coils of robust silver rope mark the four sides of the square, which has a chiseled dentil edge. Little domes of silver flank each curlicue, and decorative triangles, almost like filigree, fill in the corners. The sturdy shank is “pleated”, resembling a rock face.HIghly reputed for the intricacy of his work, the finesse of the designs and the uncommon, natural stones he uses, Myron Panteah exhibits all his award-winning qualities in this fabulous ring.

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Montana Agate, Sterling Silver

Ring Size

8 3/4


Entire face: 1 3/8"