“Hidden Views”

Monty Claw



We have been featuring this gifted artist’s award-winning beadwork and jewelry, now have a look at his talent as a painter.

Expertly manipulating watercolors, he has created a mirror view, contrasting stylized, geometric Ye’i, sun and rain motifs, with “hidden’ tiny landscapes.

The palette is muted and tranquil, based on the complementary colors of soft, bluish purples, golds,  and warm yellow-oranges.

These represent the hues of rain and sun; night and day.

The strictly divided geometry of the design is also harmonious, while the inverted arrangement creates a pleasing variety of forms.

Stepped bars and forms represent rain symbols, while the quarter-arcs suggest the sun, in the guise of a Sunface and/or a Ye’i, Navajo spirit; this balance of nature is essential to Navajo belief.

At the corners, beautifully painted miniature landscapes show sunsets – or sunrises – with snow-capped mountains in the distance, and streaks of snow on the ground.

The result of the sun and rain in balance is a fertile land.

Tiny dots of white cover the painting as if seen in the midst of a gentle snowstorm.

The background is a misty swirl of lavender greys, like a stormy sky.

Serene and subtle, the range of hues is soothing and delicate.

Professionally matted and framed, with non-glare glass, this watercolor is a beautiful expression of traditional values in an abstract form.

All ready to hang, this lovely painting is a wonderful addition to your collection, by this multi-talented artist.

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