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Heoto Mana Kachina


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Known for his meticulously carved and detailed miniature kachinas that are quickly and happily added to collections, the carver has stretched – literally – to create this larger, astonishingly detailed figure of the female counterpart of Heoto.

Heoto is one of the guard kachinas, with a special duty of attending the cleaning of the communal water supply, in former times. Hence, the long hair beard, which indicates rain, or just plain water – the most precious commodity in the desert for the Zuni and Hopi dry farmers. This is carved entirely from one piece of dead cottonwood root, as per tradition. This does not disturb the balance of Nature, and symbolizes the reach for water, since cottonwood trees grow along waterways, and their roots reach down far, for moisture.

The delicate precision of the carving is truly breathtaking – where to start? Notice the swinging tassels of the kilt, the lace edging of her manta, the rendering of her hair, both head and facial; the depiction of the eagle feathers, the folds in her moccasins, and more. The beautifully delineated fingers are holding a bow, while the other hand holds a carefully decorated rattle. Every detail is exquisitely clean and precise. This is a million-dollar carving that is more affordable than it looks. Every visiting artist who saw this on our desk, was deeply impressed. So were we; so will you be.

Cottonwood, Paint

Width: 2 5/8″ Height: 8 5/8″ Depth: 2 1/8″