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Heishi Dangles


Traditional heishi hoop earrings in blue/green turquoise with spiny oyster shell corn kernels at the bottom. Hand made.

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A style as old as time, but not a replica of the past. These beautiful turquoise heishi earrings are like those seen in historic photos (and they go back way before photography was possible), but are infinitely more refined, and even elegant. Ray Lovato is one of the very few jewelers still using only natural turquoise from Western mines, in keeping to the old styles.

A variety of natural turquoise disks give a lively interest to these hoops. The bits of spiny oyster shell at the bottoms are shaped like corn kernels, for good luck. Red, in the shell, and the blue of the turquoise represent the balance of Nature, which leads to abundant crops, and good health and happiness.

Entirely hand made, these are delightfully flirty, very flattering, and easy on the ear; made for our casual lifestyles. History revisited, and vastly improved!

(PS These would look fabulous with the extraordinary natural heishi necklace, by the same artist. Click on Ray Lovato, or Necklaces.)

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Natural Spiny Oyster Shell, Natural Turquoise


2 1/2" long x 7/8" wide