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Heavy Gauge Wide Silver Bracelet


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The important, award-winning art of the great Fritz Casuse is inspired by his father, a carpenter, and welder, and is often very sculptural, cutting-edge, three-dimensional, and challenging to conventional expectations.

Schooled at the Institute of American Indian Arts, he is adept in painting, pottery – both traditional and ceramics – photography, and beadwork, as well as jewelry and sculpture

Fritz is celebrated for his mentoring, his teaching, and for astonishing, award-winning jewelry characterized by complex, completely hand-fabricated pieces.

He creates dimensional and textured jewelry pieces that are full of energy, like this impressive bracelet.

This substantial cuff is heavy-gauge tufa-cast silver, with highly polished raised elements and outer edges. The grainy background is darkened, in contrast.

Stately, with great presence, this cuff is more traditional in style than some of the artist’s work, but unmistakably creative, fabulous in workmanship, and striking in design.

The clarity of each element, the modulated finishes, and the unusual, very handsome design, all contribute to the dignity of the bracelet.

Round dots in the center, and at the ends, and two ovals, are pushed out from behind; unusual in a tufa-cast piece.

Dots represent drops of water, and the segmented, angular yet sinuous, raised elements to resemble raincloud shapes and flowing water. Water is very good luck in the high desert, of course.

There are also tiny stamped dots on either side of the oval motifs, and at intervals, near the edges of the cuff. Nearly unseen, they add subliminally to the design.

The design is detailed and vigorous; animated, yet balanced.

The variety of fabrication techniques in this bracelet are all done with consummate expertise and artistry.

There is an unmistakeable majesty to the design and finish of this piece, that speaks eloquently of his acknowledged mastery of skills and esthetics.

With its broad width, balanced design, and dark background, this bracelet is undeniably imposing.

It will look just as fabulous with jeans, as with business attire -anywhere in the world.

In Diné tradition, jewelry is meant for either women or men, so, if your wrist fits, lucky you!

A wonderfully wearable, splendid piece by a world-renowned “artist’s artist”; a joy today, an heirloom or museum piece tomorrow.

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Sterling Silver

Wrist Size

5 7/8" + 1 1/4" gap | 7 1/8" all around


2" W