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Heavy-Gauge Stamped Cuff


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His mother is Nora Tahe, his stepfather is Emerson Bill, and his sister is Elvira Bill; Jerrold Tahe’s work continues the high reputation of his family for substantial, handmade silver bracelets with deep stamping.

This cuff is a fine example, with thick silver, deep, deep stamping and overlay work, and a precise and pleasingly symmetrical design.

The base is darkened to a matte black, and the raised elements are brushed to a soft finish.

The design is geometric, stamped and chiseled with masterful skill – and strength. It’s not easy to stamp so deeply on such heavy-gauge metal.

Its rugged beauty and the larger wrist size make this cuff an ideal piece for a man.

However, if you like it and it fits, it can be yours, regardless of gender.

Alone, or among other bracelets, everyone can enjoy the richly textural quality and fine workmanship of this stackable cuff. (And the reasonable price!)

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Sterling Silver

Wrist Size

6" + 1 3/8" gap | 7 3/8" all around


3/8" W